Welcome to starchem Starchem has pest control teams for ( crawling insect, poisonous pest, fly insect ) :: Newsflash...Patriot is now in Egypt for more information click on this news :: What are the evidences of presence mice in your home :: Do you know that rodents are primitive press on the news to know more :: Why do german cockroaches successful :: DO you know the meaning of HACCP it's hazard analysis and critical control point :: :: Do you know that soap help in spreading insecticide on surface of earth which increase spreading area of insecticide :: ADULT OF GERMAN COCKROACH CAN LIVE APPROXIMATELY ONE MONTH WITHOUT FOOD, WHILE YOUNG NYMPHS WILL DIE OF STARVATION WITHIN 10 DAYS :: Do you know that Astemisia Herba Alba expel snake :: Do you know that Norwegian rat is professional in drilling a network of tunnels to to tighten their hiding :: Do you know that sea snakes have morphological adaptations such as the presence of holes in the nose in upper part of head this holes provided with valves to prevent water entrance , tail is mutated to fin to help in moving in water :: Do you know that Lime is sprayed to garbage where it kill larvae, pupae of house fly to know more press on the news :: DO YOU KNOW THAT HOUSE FLIES CAN ANALYZE ANY CHEMICAL COMPOUND TO 32 ELEMENT PER 30 SECONDS :: DO YOU KNOW THAT FEMALE OF GERMAN COCKROACH CARRY OOTHECA IN THE END OF ABDOMEN UNTIL IT IS READY TO HATCH . :: :: :: :: DO YOU KNOW THAT MALE OF MOSQUITO FEED ON NECTAR BUT FEMALE OF MOSQUITO FEED ON BLOOD :: Do you know that you can determine size, age of mouse if you see light carving this mean that mouse is small size ,if you see deep carving this mean that mouse is large size, where mouse age is determined according to it's teeth size :: Do you know that mice age is determined according to it's lenght :: Do you know that cockroach have many natural predators including toads, frogs , beetles,geckos :: Do you know that after queen of termite lays eggs ,queen and male of termite take care of eggs until emerge first generation of workers then male take care of queen,eggs,nymphs :: :: :: :: Do you know that the kopra snake lenght is 2 meter :: :: Do you know that house flies taste all types of food by end of legs and mouthparts where we see house fly walk rapidly on food to select the preferred food :: DO YOU KNOW THAT HOUSE FLY CARRY 150 MILLION GERMS BETWEEN IT'S LEGS, DESPITE IT'S SMALL SIZE. :: Do you know that female of cockroach lays egg capsule called ootheca, does not affect by any pesticide :: :: Do you know that rats and mice is very difficult to control them to know more press on the news
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